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Star.LUA Editor Homepage
Welcome to Star.LUA Editor Homepage!

Here you can download the latest versions and ask questions, post your comments and bug reports.

Note, Star.LUA Editor have been created and tested under Windows XP (no SP at all)!

Download Star.LUA Editor v0.32.011 beta
If no result, type in your address bar.

Please note, project is suspended...

What Is This?

Now begin. The Star.LUA Editor is just another enigma's level editor. Why "just another"? Because it's second level editor for enigma. The first level editor is the BBE (BlackBallEd) by Michi Hostettler.

SLEditor can open and edit (not directly) the pure enigma's levels, i.e. SLEditor reads the level code and processes it to create it's visual representation. After it (if level is supported) you can change everything in level (set/remove stones, items and so on).

After it was started, SLEditor ready to create level you wanted. Just click Paint Mode and select object you want to draw. No more comments, it's simple to understand!

When saving, SLEditor converts level map data by using its internal algorithms (no original level structure will be saved). Except of *.lua, SLEditor creates an level preview from current level view.

If you have found the unsupported objects (only for 0.81, because the 0.90 list is present here now), please mail me or leave you message in my guestbook!

Further development:
  1. The Main problem is to add full lua code processing. So, if anybody knows how I can do that (connect the lua parser library), please mail me!
  2. The Second is to improve save algorithms.
  3. The Third is to make graphics much faster.


No install needed, just unpack files into directory you wanted.
Note: You must have the enigma 0.81 preinstalled!


To uninstall SLEditor, delete all files from its program directory and (if you want) the program directory itself...
SLEditor does not create any registry entries or hidden files.

List of all program files:
  1. sleditor.exe
  2. Palettes.ini
  3. DefAttribs.ini
  4. Images\Variant.png
  5. Images\RubberBand.png
  6. Images\Eraser\(5 *.png files)
  7. Images\Selected\(16 *.png files)
  8. Created by program: Options.ini
  9. Created by program: ValidLevels.vll


The enigma game:
BBE SourceForge page:
Lua language official page:

CAPtainKOH homepage (on Russian):

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